Latinamerica Collection
Latin America Collection

We, Latin America Collection are a multicultural team of experts committed to provide distinct travel services to the vast and fascinating Latin America. 

Our mission is to provide our customers an authentic Latin American experience, through our high quality and well thought travel plans. 

We understand that every person´s needs are different, and so we specialize in tailor made packages that will truly fulfill your desires. The options in Latin America are endless: romantic getaways, family vacations and adventure expeditions, cultural and natural excursions. We offer every kind of trip, and we will carefully design every detail to make it an unforgettable one!

When looking for accommodations, we look for value, character and service. When looking for tours, we look for interesting, enlightening and fulfilling activities and beautiful sightseeing. 

We believe that travelling should be much more than just visiting. We believe that travelling is about learning, taking in, being in awe. We don´t just offer reservations, we provide travel experiences that will last a lifetime. 

Our centrally based location in Costa Rica and growing experience allows us to give you the best advice possible.

To make the most of such a remarkable region, contact the experts…our team is eager to assist you!