Latinamerica Collection
Weather and Climate

Because Argentina is much larger than many South and Central American countries, the weather has a chance to vary much more. For example, in the northern regions of Argentina it can be quite hot and humid while the southern regions experience a cold, rainy climate. In the North, the temperatures generally fall in the 90s°F (33-37°C) during the summer days and the 70s°F (23-27°C) during the nights. In the winter, the daytime temperatures are in the 60s°F (15-22°C) while the nighttime temperatures are in the 40s°F (5-10°C). In the southern region of the country the weather is often cold and rainy with summer temperatures ranging in the 50s to 60s°F (10-21°C) to well below freezing in the winter. Be sure to remember that the seasons are reversed in the southern hemisphere, so the best beach months are December to March while the best ski months are July to October!