Latinamerica Collection
Argentinean Food and Cuisine

Argentinean cuisine is characterized by a lot of protein and great flavor. Much of the cuisine has Italian roots with some tasty modifications through the years. Here are a few things you will want to be sure and try during your trip:


• Asado - Thick cuts of beef grilled with a famous Argentinean sauce called Chimichurri.
• Carbonada - This is a beef stew with various ingredients like rice, potatoes, and corn.
• Sopa a la Criolla - Roasted pork.
• Puchero - This is a popular casserole with many meats and vegetables.
• Noquis - This is a variation of the Italian Gnocchi, a potato dumpling served with marinara or another tomato sauce.
• Arroz con Pollo - This is a famous dish in all of Latin America and is much like Chinese fried rice with vegetables, chicken, and spices. Other meats are always available as well.
• Locro - This is a stew made up of corn, beans, beef, squash, and sausage.
• Empanadas - These are popular pastries which can be filled with anything from fruits to cheeses to meats to work with any meal.