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Beaches of Argentina

Mar del Plata

This beautiful beach resort town is one of the most famous tourist stops in all of Argentina and accommodates some seven million visitors each year. This town features over 50 theatrical plays to ring in the summer every December. It is also home to many different museums varying in theme from art to natural science as well as impressive historic architecture and other interesting sites.


This beautiful beach is home one of the most exclusive sea side resorts in Argentina. Though there is also a popular commercial area, the 300 meter long beach is truly the most popular attraction with first class accommodations, beach sports, and numerous treks into the surrounding wilderness.


Surrounded by dunes, green woods, and a gorgeous beach, Pinamar is full of activities from windsurfing, four wheeling through the dunes, or just relaxing on the beach. Visitors can also partake in the various excursions into the surrounding areas, enjoy a horseback, or play a round of golf in the one of the country's most popular courses.


Valeria del Mar
This sandy beach is home to countless exciting activities including riding the dunes, hiking, heading out on horseback, shopping, or enjoying the gorgeous view of the coastline. Valeria del Mar is also home to some excellent exclusive resorts.


Mar de Ajó and San Bernardo
This popular beach resort is home to water sports, delicious cuisine, fishing, shopping, and an excellent climate. The evenings offer visitors some great excitement as well with a popular casino and various delicious restaurants.


The Miramar beach resort has exploded into a very popular destination. There is horseback riding, beach and water sports, street fairs, live shows, delicious restaurants and much more. Be sure to visit the local dune farm, one of the traditional Miramar excursions.


Monte Hermoso
This seaside resort town is home to a 32 kilometer stretch of beach, wild temperatures, and great fun. Enjoy water sports such as windsurfing, jet skiing, or sailing and beach sports like volleyball or soccer, or even join in on some beachfront salsa dancing lessons.