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Cities of Argentina

Historic Cities

Buenos Aires
This enormous city of some 13 million people is full of great culture and many attractions. It is the largest city and port in Argentina and is therefore an important economic and political headquarters as well. This city is strongly influenced by European culture and is home to a famous opera house, a zoo, and many museums and galleries featuring local art and musical works that date back centuries. Buenos Aires is also well known for its famous botanical gardens, its many decorated squares and plazas, and its countless historic buildings found throughout the city. Also, the night life in Buenos Aires is vibrant and exciting every night of the week.


This historic city is located in the western region of Argentina and is a popular stop for those interested in mountain climbing, horseback riding, hiking, and rafting due to its fantastic central location. Mendoza is also the location of a great many number of museums most notable the natural history museum. There are also many outdoor cafes with tree lined streets and many plazas, parks, and squares. The small town is also popular for its proximity to some very popular ski resorts.


Founded in 1573, Córdoba is one of the oldest cities in Argentina and still retains much of its historic flare. There are many colonial structures such as various churches, government buildings, parks, and monuments. This cultural spot is also a lively city for festivals and nightlife.


This spot is famous for the Argentinean wine produced nearby and is a great spot for those traveling onward to the Calchaquíes Valleys. This city is not as historic as some cities in Argentina as it was founded in the mid 1800s but has a lot to offer such as tours into antique wine cellars and some delicious wine tastings.


San Miguel de Tucuman
This stop is an important agricultural area founded in the mid 1500s by the Spanish. Despite its agricultural importance it is also an important tourist destination for its many historic buildings and monuments some of which include government buildings, churches, museums, and parks.


This small village is home to many popular historic attractions such as the centuries old church that is the main focus of the grid. Other attractions include the town hall building, the famous Algarrobo Carob Tree, a handicraft fair, and a path out of town with impressive natural landscapes.


Other Cities of Interest

San Carlos de Bariloche
Resembling an alpine town, this city is characterized by its typical log cabins and gorgeous natural surroundings including forests, mountains, and a lake. This has made the spot an important stop for sightseers, hikers, and water sport aficionados. One of its most loved characteristics is the towns proximity to Cerro Catedral, one of the most popular ski resorts in the nation.


San Martín de los Andes
Much like Bariloche, this is an alpine town with the same beautiful scenery, water, mountains, and forest. These qualities make it a popular destination for outdoor lovers looking for a strong taste of natural beauty.


Said to be the world's southernmost city, this city is located on the Tierra del Fuego Island. Popular attractions include the nearby national park as well as many ski areas. This is a popular stop for cruise lines and one of various launch points for expeditions into Antarctica.


Tafí del Valle
This popular tourist destination offers a number of outdoor activities including hiking, horseback riding, water sports, and fishing. This spot is beautiful all year round and is surrounded by mountains and lush fruit trees.