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Shopping and Souvenirs in Argentina

Argentina is a great shopping destination because of its wide range of options. For example, travelers that prefer the local markets or tiny vendors will be well satisfied. These small street side vendors sell everything from crafts to food and art to jewelry. The greatest part is that every single vendor is different and will offer shoppers a ton of items they didn't see at the last stop. On the other hand, Argentina also offers a wide range of upscale shopping as well, such as boutiques and galleries. Indeed, everything can be found in Argentina whether traveling to the small pueblos or big cities.


Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires is the largest city in the country and is among some of the largest in all of Latin America. For that reason, the city is home to many excellent areas that will meet the needs of every shopper. One of the oldest regions of Buenos Aires is the neighborhood known as San Telmo. Rich with historic architecture, this spot has become popular to artists which has made it a great shopping spot. There is a variety of shops, stores, and boutiques where you can find a number of authentic Argentinean crafts, furniture, paintings, and much more. San Telmo also has a very popular antique market on Sundays which has been serving shoppers for decades. Similar markets exist in Pasaje Giuffra and Parque Lezama in the same area. Keep in mind that there are many antique shops in San Telmo as well, in case making it to the Sunday market is not option.


Another great stop in Buenos Aires is Calle Florida a spot reserved for pedestrians making it that much easier to get form shop to shop. In addition to the beautiful architecture, this mile long strip is home to many boutiques, small shops, and even department stores. Patio Bullrish is another Buenos Aires shopping hotspot with affordable prices and a large selection. Finally, for those looking for the real upscale shopping, Avenida Alvear is an area you will not want to miss. This shopping spot is famous for its big name retailers like Louis Vutton and Georgia Armani. Recoleta is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the city with high prices and high quality products, such as European wear and other imports.


In addition to all of the spots mentioned, Buenos Aires is home to huge shopping malls, such as Abasto, as well as many other well known areas. The most difficult part is choosing where to begin.