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Cities of Brazil

This beautiful, modern city has actually been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site despite its being much newer than all others earning the same achievement. It is a truly cosmopolitan city with a diverse mix of culture and many attractions to please all incoming visitors. From churches to museums to parks and zoos, Brasilia has many different attractions and tours will surely impressive even the most traveled tourists.

Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo is the largest city in Brazil and a very important destination for all those visiting Brazil. This incredibly cosmopolitan city is home to immigrants from all over the world and prides itself on its exquisite diverse cuisine found on every corner of the city. Home to hundreds of cinemas, theaters, parks, and nightclubs Sao Paulo will leave every visitor wanting more. Other attractions include the many annual festivals and expos that make Sao Paulo an exhilarating cultural capital.

Though this city has become a truly modern and cosmopolitan destination it still retains its historic characteristics originating during the colonial setting of the 1500s. The city contains a main island as well as a portion on the mainland and other surrounding small islands. Much of the population lives on the northern portion of the island. In addition to its white sand beaches and popular surfing, Florianopolis is home to many historic attractions such as the original Governor's Palace and a number of thermal baths and natural hot springs. Only recently has this city become such a popular tourist destination, and it is becoming more and more well-known with every passing day.

Ouro Preto
This historic city, filled with narrow streets and rich monuments, has been declared a World Heritage Site which has allowed for the preservation of the city's impressive architecture. After the discovery of gold in the 1700s, Ouro Preto became an important political and economic center and was developed to signify just that. Now, the many historic homes, palaces, and churches have been transformed into museums which house art, history, and the belongings of those that once lived there. Ouro Preto is also located near a national park which is great for nature hikes and waterfall watching.


Río de Janeiro
This exciting and enormous city is one of the most visited spots in all of Brazil and is home to the famous Carnaval, a party known by much of the world. This city is widely knows as well for its attractions, surrounding monuments, and rich culture. Tourists may visit the many beautiful beaches, such monuments as the famous Christ the Redeemer statue, or the Tijuca National Park. However, there are also a great many historic and cultural centers with such structures as early churches, plazas, and parks. There are many museums and exciting shopping centers as well.

Salvador da Bahia
This historic city was the first capital of Brazil and was important in the protection and fortification of the country. The city was originally built atop a hill for its own fortification and remained the capital for over two centuries. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this town's historic center is made up of many preserved public buildings, gorgeous homes, and baroque style churches and is a fantastic site for any visiting tourist.

This popular city is a great beach stop and offers visitors many exciting attractions from enjoying the beaches to scuba diving to see the many historic sunken ships. Its heritage is displayed in the many structures and buildings from the 1600s and 1700s and its modern fervor can be seen by all those attending the annual February Carnaval. Feel free to join in one of the many tours through town of a boat road through the surrounding areas.

This historic city once prospered thanks to its being an important trade hub. Olinda was actually burned by the Dutch in the mid 1600s and was not rebuilt until years after. Luckily much of the city was preserved such as the many baroque churches and other structures which led to its center becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors can enjoy the many delicious restaurants, galleries, handicrafts, and many annual festivals and events.

Though the city has become quite modernized compared to many historic cities in Brazil, Fortaleza's centuries old churches, squares, plazas, theaters, and other buildings allow its colonial side to continue shining through. There are many shopping activities at the different markets throughout town where you can find handicrafts and other locally made items. The beaches are a true joy when traveling to Fortaleza and offer visitors a wide variety of exciting outdoor activities.

Sao Luis
Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this historic city is home to many monumental landmarks of Portuguese descent. Visitors enjoy some 3,500 preserved buildings in the city as well as the beautiful beaches and gorgeous sunlight.

This city located in the Amazonian region of Brazil and was originally founded to ward of any foreign attacks. However, after the rubber boom, this are became very popular to businesses from all over the world allowing the city to grow into more than just a secluded Amazonian city. The profits fueled the construction of many luxury buildings in the town until the decline of the rubber industry. This led to the town's creation of a more diversified industrial sector specializing in the production of the electronics and other equipment. Today, Manaus is a very cultural town that has become a popular tourist destination.

With its beautiful coastlines, many urban beaches, and exciting activities, Maceió is an exciting tourist stop. This city first experienced prosperity with the exportation of such commodities as sugar, tobacco, coconut, and leather. Today, the city has a great tourist infrastructure with many elegant hotels, restaurants, and all around great culture.

Porto de Galinhas
With its many beaches and beautiful landscapes, this popular destination has become well known for its fantastic surfing and diving. Visitors will enjoy the calm, clear ocean waters and the white sand all year round, not to mention the impressive natural beach pools that offer yet another option for relaxation. Tourists can always see the sea turtles lay their eggs at night on the beaches during certain parts of the year, a sight that everyone should experience during their trip to Brazil.