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Shopping and Souvenirs in Brazil

Brazil, as with all Latin American countries, has a strong culture which has appeared

Sao Paulo
Sao Paulo is home to an extensive shopping infrastructure with stores ranging from high end boutiques to tiny local craft shops. The Jardins area is well known for its high end boutiques and also some very impressive restaurants to make it a full day of fun. The Rua Augusta as well as the Rua Haddock Lobo are popular shopping streets in Sao Paulo and are great spots to find a number of international brands as well as expensive clothing, jewelry, and gifts. In the downtown area is a local market popular to both visitors and locals selling anything from tiny everyday items to lavish handicrafts and textiles. It also comes as no surprise that Sao Paulo is home to a number of shopping malls many of which are very upscale destinations with boutiques and gourmet dining. Some malls include the Shopping Morumbi, the Shopping Iguatemi, and the Shopping Patio Higienopolis. Finally, if you are looking for an Asian market, Sao Paulo has just that in the Japanese neighborhood of town called Liberdade. Here shoppers can find a number of Asian influenced trinkets and goods. All of these great options have made Sao Paulo one of the shopping gems of Brazil.

Río de Janeiro
Río is another very popular shopping destination with countless shops, malls, and large stores to choose from. One of the most popular items for sale is swimwear, which can be found all over the famous beaches such as Ipanema. Also along the beaches are many tourist-style stores specializing in souvenirs like tee shirts. Of course Río is also home to various outdoor markets with stalls selling anything from handicrafts to food. Shopping malls are a popular destination as well as jewelry stores, galleries, and countless clothing stores. Some of the most popular shopping streets are the Avenida Nossa Senhora in Copacabana and Rua Barata Ribeiro also in Copacabana. Also be sure to visit Rua Visconde de Pirajá in Ipanema and Avenida Ataulfo de Paiva in Leblon. Another well-known even is the Sunday Hippie Fair, which takes place in Ipanema and attracts all those shoppers looking for impressive handicrafts and artwork. Río is also home to a popular antique fair taking place every two weeks where those searching can find a number of valuable possessions.

This both historic and modern city offers tourists a few exciting shopping opportunities. Many residents create handicrafts such as ceramic pots, vases, and jugs as well as decorative items representing their folklore. Two popular shopping spots for ceramics are the Casa da Alfândega and the Casa Açoriana. In addition, other handicrafts such as popular items made from banana leaves and spool work can be found in small shops throughout the city.

A found shopping spot in Brasilia is the Conjunto Nacional, which was the first ever shopping mall in the city. This shopping mall has such stores as supermarkets, drugstores, bookstores, and many other typical shopping mall stores.

Ouro Preto
Here shoppers will find plenty of artisan galleries and small antique shops. Ouro Preto is a popular stop for gold and other impressive jewelry, hand-carved household objects, and handicrafts.

Salvador da Bahia
Salvador is home to many impressive arts and crafts stores. Some of the most well-known in the city include Mauá Institute, Rua Gregório de Mattos, and Mercado Modelo. Also, there are various antique stores some of which include Casa Moreira, Rua Rui Barbosa, Casa San Martin.

Olinda's Ribeira Market in the city's historic center is a great spot to find popular handicrafts such as the handmade pulp paper masks as well participate in the many offered engraving, sculpting, or painting workshops. The market is located in a historic building from the 1600s.

Many Brazilian handicrafts can be found in the city's local markets. One popular stop is the Monsenhor Tabosa Street, which is a large market selling clothing, shoes, and other affordable ítems.

This city is home to a number of great shopping opportunities such as an area called Pontal da Barra, that is home to famous lace work such as the intricate textiles and clothing found in many small shops in the area. In the Sebrae Warehouse, shoppers can find equally impressive handicrafts including shoes, clothing, furniture, sculptures, and more.

Porto de Galinhas
This beautiful beach town offers visitors many different daytime vendors selling a variety of products as well various small shops and stores selling the typical handicrafts that display the rich culture of the people of this area.