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Chilean Festivals and Events

January 1: Año Nuevo (New Year's Day)

January: Santiago's Annual Love Parade - Enjoy the parades and floats, music, great food, and drink. This is a celebration of love in the city attracting thousands every year.

January: Feast Day of San Sebastian - Located in Yumbel, this festival is a celebration of one of Chile's patron saints and brings hundreds of thousands. The festival begins with a lavish procession where onlookers are adorned in red and yellow, the colors of the patron saint.

February: Festival Costumbrista Chilote - Located at Chiloe Island, this week long festival showcases the island's impressive culture.

February: Festival of Song - Takes place every year in Viña del Mar and is a multi day music festival with various bands taking place at the end of the month.

February: Semana Valdiviana - This festival is located in Valdiviana and is mainly maritime competitions and activities. One of the best is when the river fills with candlelit boats before an impressive fireworks display.

February: Iquique Carnival - this carnival is famous for its impressive dancers and colorful floats parading along the beach.

February 19-24: Feast of the Virgin of 40 Hours - Taking place in Limache, this celebration includes an impressive procession and brings in hundreds of thousands from around the country.

April: Semana Santa (Easter)- this is an important holiday week in all of the country when the streets are filles with parades, floats, and tons of people. Enjoy the delicious local cuisine

April: Fiesta de Cuasimodo - taking place the week after Semana Santa, this traditional Catholic event is meant to resemble the times when groups of knights would accompany priests from town to town to give the Eucharist to those that were dying.

May 21: Navy Day

June: Fiesta de San Pedro - Taking place in San Pedro de Atacama in late June, this festival consists of a midnight processional and dancing until the morning hours to honor the patron saint, Saint Peter.

June: Saint Peter and Paul's Feast Day - This is the celebration of the patron saints of fishermen and takes place in Valparaíso and other coastal regions of the country.

July: Festival of the Virgen del Carmen - Taking place in the Atacama Desert en La Tirana, this is a multi day celebration with traditional music and dance with a mix of both Incan and Catholic cultures.

August-September Chilean Crafts, Song, and Dance Exhibition - Taking place in Santiago, this event celebrates and promotes the country's cultural heritage with workshops, song, and dance.

September: Independence Day Celebrations - These celebrations take place in Rancagua leading up to Independence Day and is the site of significant historical events in regarding Chile's independence.

September: Army Day parades by the Chilean military in Santiago

September: Fiestas Patrias - This is another celebration of Chile's independence and nationality. The celebration is made up of much music and dance.

October 12: Columbus Day

November: Festival of Foreign Colonies - Located in Antofagasta, this is a celebration of the immigrants that now reside in the country. The heritage of those from other countries is expressed through music, dance, and delicious cuisine.

November-December International Exhibition of Traditional Arts and Crafts - Taking place in Santiago, this is an immense gathering of artisans from many different countries. Enjoy the art, music, dance, and food during this annual event.

December: La Fiesta Grande - Located in the mining town of Andacollo, this festival is to celebrate the patron saint of local mines and gathers crowds of over 150,000 people that enjoy music and other cultural events.

December 8: Virgen de lo Vasquez Pilgrimage - This annual pilgrimage can be a distance of as many as 50 kilometers and is of great religious importance.

December 25: Christmas Day

December 29-31: New Year's Festival - This three day festival culminates with a huge fireworks display which fills the beaches with hundreds of thousands of locals and tourists. The entire festival attracts some one million tourists from around the world.