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Beaches of Chile

Here is a list of only some of Chile's famous and popular beaches:

Central Chile

Viña del Mar
This is the most popular beach spot in Chile with its many resorts and attractions. Expect a lively crowd when traveling here in the summer months.


This is another popular beach area famous for its scenic areas and exciting beach and water sports.


This is Chile's most important sea port and has many beautiful beaches in the heart of the urban center for visitors and locals to enjoy.


This beach area is famous for its calm waters and many international water sport competitions. It is also a popular spot for scuba diving and sea fishing.


This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Chile for its gorgeous scenery and clean white sand beaches. The beach is surrounded by rolling hills and lush forests.


This area has a beautiful beach and faces the Cachagua Island, an important protection area for Humboldt and Magellanic penguins.


This long white sand beach s popular for is protected cove which gives visitors a chance to enjoy scuba diving and surfing.


Los Molles
This long beach is the site of an old fishing village and is a very popular scuba diving location among all of the local Chilean divers.


Northern Chile

La Serena
This beach has become more and more popular through the years due to the population of some of the other more famous beaches.


Great for windsurfing and scuba diving, Coquimbo is a stunning wide beach.


The beaches of Iquique are characterized as having a gradual slope with makes them ideal for swimming, surfing, and nautical sports.


Simply put, this is known as one of the northern region's best beaches.