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Cities of Chile


Santiago is the capital and largest city in Chile and was founded in 1541. For that reason the city is home to a great deal of historic culture which can be seen in its many preserved buildings such as museums, churches, theaters, and numerous public buildings and palaces. Santiago is a very popular destination not only for its great food, culture, and bustling center, but also because of its proximity to many tourists attractions such as ski resorts, vineyards, and other wilderness areas.


Viña del Mar
Home to beautiful beaches and their luxurious resorts, as well as many other famous attractions, Viña del Mar is definitely an important stop during your trip to Chile. This city was established in the late 1800s and is now home to popular parks, plazas, botanical gardens, and various city landmarks.


Valparaíso is the most important port in Chile and has also become one of the most significant cultural cities as well. The historic center of the city has actually been declared a World Heritage Site and has been preserved to perfection. Visitors will enjoy many historical sights including both the historic sector as well the modern bustling areas as well.


San Pedro de Atacama
This city is the main tourist center in the Atacama Desert and is located on the edge of an enormous salt flat. The city is relatively simple with unpaved roads and adobe structures. San Pedro is also an archaeological hotspot with a popular museum housing ancient artifacts and mummies. This area is a popular starting point for many different tours and excursions into the surrounding regions.


This city became an important port in the nineteenth century and has flourished, especially with the growing popularity from tourists. Iquique is home to various antique buildings and structures such as the former customs house and other buildings such as the casino and various elegant mansions. Iquique also offers visitors many different options for excursions and tours to the surrounding regions.


This city is known for its moderate climate and is located on the border of Peru and Bolivia. Arica is surrounded by various national parks and reserves and is the starting point for various tours including a visit to the museum or an archaeological excursion. Other attractions include the immense Surire Salt Lake and some nearby natural hot springs.


Puerto Montt and Puerto Varas
These two towns are located in the lake district of Chile. Puerto Montt is actually on the ocean coast while Puerto Varas is located along the Llanquihue Lake. Both have a strong German flare which can be seen in the nineteenth century architecture. Because of the central location both towns are a great starting point to explore the natural setting that surrounds them. Visitors may enjoy excursions to national parks with waterfalls, river rafting, volcanoes, and much more.


Punta Arenas
This mid nineteenth century town is the southernmost continental town in the world. Once an important port for transporting goods around the world, Punta Arenas is now more famous for its various passenger cruises that depart from this area to visit the surrounding islands and waters. Visitors may take a tour of the city itself or join in on an excursion to see the local wildlife such as the penguins that nest in this area from October to March.


Puerto Natales
This small town is the popular meeting spot for all tours into the famous Torres del Paine National Park, one of Chile's important world heritage sites. This port offers visitors a wide variety of elegant accommodations from simple bed and breakfast style inns to luxurious hotels.