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Parks and Reserves in Chile

Lauca Nacional Park

Located in the far north of the country this park is home to the Lauca Biosphere Reserve. It is a great place to go and see various enormous volcanoes, salt flats, and some 400 species of flora. Another great sight is the impressive wildlife including llamas, alpacas, flamingos, condors, and much more.


Torres del Paine National Park
Declared a World Heritage Site in 1978, this park is one of the most sought after destinations in Chile for its incredible, natural landscapes that have given visitors limitless pleasure while partaking in various walks, hikes, treks, and horseback rides. This reserve gets its name from the incredible granite towers that spike toward the sky The park is also famous for its glaciers and caves and the diverse wildlife that takes refuge there.


The Chilean Andes
Extending through seven South American countries including Chile, the Andes, though not the highest reaching, is the continent's longest stretching mountain range. This chain of mountains can be seen behind the backdrop of many cities, such as the country's capital of Santiago. The Andes provide visitors and locals with great adventure like hiking, climbing, skiing, and snowboarding.


Easter Island
Although it is not solely a reserve, Easter Island is most popular for its protected areas, where visitors may experience the immense statues known as the moai, some of which stand as high as six meters high and were built by the native population centuries ago. Today, 40% of the island is declared protected and the main town, Hanga Roa, is where much of the island's accommodations are located. Easter Island provides visitors with impressive handicrafts, cuisine, music, and dance.