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Shopping and Souvenirs in Chile

Great shopping can be found in virtually any city, town, or village in Chile though Santiago is definitely the most popular commercial center. Smaller towns are generally home to small handicraft markets or street side vendors that sell their own personally made items. Some larger towns have more extensive market selling a variety of handicrafts and even food, so be sure to look around during your various stops throughout Chile. Below is a description of the most popular shopping spots in Santiago, the nation's capital.


The capital city of Chile is also one of the best shopping destinations in the country. Here shoppers will find shopping spots ranging in size from a tiny shop to a huge market or shopping mall. You will find art, impressive local jewelry, handicrafts, and much more.


One popular spot in Santiago is the artisan area known as Los Dominicos, where shoppers will handmade jewelry and other handicrafts such as ceramics, wood crafts, woven textiles, leather products, and various creations made of silver.


Santiago also has a very popular antique market in Parque de los Reyes with stall after stall of impressive collectables including furniture, glassware, ceramics, lamps, and much more.


Home to three huge department stores and much more, the Plaza Norte Mall is located just outside of Santiago in Huechuraba. Other popular malls in Santiago include the upscale Parque Arauco and Alto Los Condes home many of the world's upscale department and fashion stores.


Santiago is also home to a central market, the Mercado Central which sells fresh produce and various other items. Also, there are many impressive win stores showcasing the impressive local selection that Chile has to offer.