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Beaches of Colombia


Boca Grande

This area is crowded with hotels and apartment buildings and is one of the most popular beach scenes in town for its resort like qualities.


Great for swimming and enjoying a quieter atmosphere, Marbella is the preferred beach of the locals.


Located on Tierra Bomba island, this can be a great beach to enjoy a boat ride through the surrounding areas.


Playa Blanca
Located on the Isla Barú is Playa Blanca lined with delicious restaurants and lots of activity. This is a popular stop for tourist boats which makes the beach a bit busy in the mornings but peaceful in the afternoons.


Santa Marta

Playa El Rodadero
This is the most fashionable and touristy beach in the area and is a popular stopping point for buses traveling through the area. It is also a popular launching point for various tours to the surrounding areas and attractions.