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Cities of Colombia


Located on the eastern change of the Andes is the capital city of Bogotá. This city is a mix of modern and historic with one of its famous attractions being the old city center known as La Candelaria. Downtown Bogotá is home to the old commercial center with various shops, offices, and banks and is also a popular sight to see for tourists. A third interesting part of the city is the north side where an immense commercial expansion has taken place thanks to the development of wealthy suburbs.


Located in a cool mountainous area is the city of Tunja is one of the finest colonial cities in Colombia. Its various historic churches are surely worth visiting with their remarkable interior woodwork and stunning architecture. There are also various museums, plazas, and historic plazas that you will not want to miss during your trip to Tunja.


Villa de Leiva
This beautiful colonial town is home to one of the largest plazas in all of the Americas, surrounded by cobblestone streets and lush flowers. This city dating back to the late 1500s is now a national monument and will forever keep its historic splendor. Enjoy various tours through the city and its surrounding areas, and even enjoy the town's annual mid-July festival.


This is one of the most vibrant cities in South America with its superb weather, colonial architecture, and stunning stretch of Caribbean coastline. Here you can enjoy the street side cafés, some of the best running along the city's oldest church, the Santo Domingo. The city was once a storage point for the valuables coming in from Spain and returning therefore making it a common point of attack. For that reason, Cartagena had various fortifications, many of which can still be seen today.


Santa Marta
This is one of the larger Caribbean ports in Colombia and was the first town to be founded by the Spanish conquistadors. It is home to a pleasant promenade with great views of the bay, many delicious restaurants, and an exciting nightlife.


San Andrés
Though not just a town, San Andrés Island is also home to various beaches and parks. The nature in this area is beautiful with rich marine life and terrestrial life as well. You can enjoy boat rides to the surrounding islets, windsurfing, sailing, and great food and accommodations.


This city is an important industrial center of Colombia and produces textiles, bricks, leather goods, and plastics. The downtown sector is fresh with modern architecture, museums, and public works. For that reason, many refer to Medellín as the culture of Colombia. There are also busy commercial and entertainment areas with various shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, and attractions such as the nearby stadium and theater.


This now important industrial center was once a quiet colonial town which still retains some beautiful architecture. The church and monastery of San Francisco has been renovated and is among many other churches, plazas, and monuments worth seeing during your visit to the city.


Though located in the Pubenza Valley, the city of Popayán is still high enough to give it a very pleasant climate. The city has a quant colonial character with many restored churches and impressive museums. Also enjoy the holy week processions taking place every evening until Good Friday when the city comes alive with culture.