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Colombian Food and Cuisine

Though the cuisine varies from region to region in Colombia, it is generally a mix of European and local indigenous flavors. The delicious, fresh fruits in Colombia, though common to the area, are virtually unheard of in other parts of the world.


In the Andean region popular dishes include the various soups available such as the sancocho de gallina, a chicken soup with corn and plantains. Another soup is the ajiaco, which is made with chicken, potatoes, capers, and herbs. A popular breakfast soup is called changua and is made with milk, eggs, and green onions.


In the Caribbean region the locals love to cook with a little more spice and a lot more seafood, the most popular being fish and lobster. One popular Caribbean variation to the typical rice dish is adding coconut creams oils to give it a unique coastal flare. The popular egg arepa is a flat cornmeal patty that is deep fried with an egg inside and sometimes even some meat.


In the eastern hills region of the country there is a more ranch style cuisine with marinated meats cooking open an open flame on spits or simply on the barbecue. The common amarillo river fish, chicken, ribs, and sausage are all popular grilling meats.


Of course, throughout the country tamales are very popular and as you head more inland you will find that the cuisine is a mix of many of the different regions with some influence from Brazil and Peru. Also, the bigger cities will provide a variety of international cuisines that are sure to please.