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Shopping and Souvenirs in Colombia


The capital city of Colombia is also a very popular shopping spot as well. One popular stop is Artesanías de Colombia, home to many authentic handicrafts and artwork. This is only one of the many different handicrafts markets as there are obviously many scattered throughout the city along with various galleries and textile, ceramics, and jewelry stores. Bogotá also has many shopping centers and malls throughout the city. Some include Unicentro, Centro Granahorrar, Metrópolis, Hacienda Santa Bárbara, and the Centro Comercial Andino among others.


Villa de Leiva
Be sure to visit the Saturday market held in the Plaza del Mercado. Various handicrafts can be found in Villa de Leiva such as locally made toys, brightly colored ceramics, different figureines carved from Amazonian nuts, tambourines, and guitars.


Various spots near the Plaza Bolivar are great for local artwork and handicrafts. You will find other shops in the Plaza de las Bovedas which has the best handicrafts selection in the city. There are also reputable jewelry shops as well as large shopping centers and local farmers markets.


Medellín is home to various artisan and handicrafts shops and markets. One is known as the Mercado San Alejo as well as the other surrounding areas of Parque Bolivar. You may also find discounted textiles thanks to the nearby mills as well as leather goods and much more.


Cali is packed with a selection of shopping spots selling handicrafts, precious metals and jewelry, footwear, and art.