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Parks and Reserves in Costa Rica


You will not want to miss the very active Arenal Volcano and all of its surrounding attractions during your trip to Costa Rica. Here you can join in on the many volcano or rafting tours, or simply relax in the local hot springs. Regardless of your personality, Arenal will leave you not wanting to leave.


If you enjoy nature and eco-tourism, Monteverde is the place for you with its cloud-covered, misty mountains and lush rain forest. Here you will encounter countless species of indigenous flora and fauna and many exciting activities, such as mountain biking, visiting butterfly gardens, horseback riding, and hiking.


Poás Volcano
Famous for its crater lakes and incredible wilderness, this volcano is certainly a site to see for all visiting travelers! Surrounded by thick tropical rainforest, this park is one of the great hotspots for bird watchers with a variety of different species. Enjoy hiking, camping, tours and much more during your stay at the Poás Volcano.


San Gerardo de Dota
Well known as the habitat of Costa Rica's most famous bird, the Quetzal, this is a great spot to stop and enjoy the exotic plant and animal life. Another of the country's many havens for nature lovers, San Gerardo de Dota's visitors may partake in hiking and even some excellent trout fishing.


If you are into some adrenaline pumping white water rafting, Sarapiquí is one stop you will not want to miss. If not, you can also partake on a more relaxed excursion down the river. Regardless of what you decide, be sure to keep an eye out for the many groups of monkeys, exotic bird species, and the breathtaking tropical vegetation.


Rincón de la Vieja National Park
This protected national park is home to the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano along with some of the most beautiful tropical wilderness and wildlife available. Another of Costa Rica's many bird watching havens, this area offers hundreds of different species. This park is surely a great destination for any eco-tourist or nature lover.


Corcovado/Osa Peninsula
This national park offers some of the most diverse ecology on the planet with hundreds of different animal species including several hundred bird species. Its immense diversity is due to the region's many different habitats and vegetation types. You can camp and hike along either of the two available treks, one along the coast and another inland through the colossal tropical forest.


This northern Caribbean getaway was so named for its indigenous sea turtle population, whose endangered species have chosen the surrounding beaches to lay their eggs. Because of the existence of so many different habitats, this national park is known for its extraordinary biodiversity with thousands of species of plant and tree life and hundreds of different types of birds.