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Shopping and Souvenirs in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a great place to do some shopping especially if you are looking for local handicrafts. The nation's capital, San José, has a few great stops. For example, there is an impressive market downtown that sells a mountain of handmade crafts and souvenirs such as artwork, woodwork, textiles, and souvenirs like decorated glasses. The same market is also great when looking for fresh foods like produce and seafood. There are also a number of small cafés with a variety of delicious typical cuisine. Along the pedestrian streets in downtown you will find many different local shops and street vendors. San José is also home to a variety of department stores and shopping malls. No matter where you are in the capital you will likely be close to a popular shopping center.


The beach destinations are also great for shopping in Costa Rica. For example, there are always plenty of street-side stalls along the beach where vendors sell handicrafts like earrings, clothing, handmade wood carvings, and much more. The higher end resort areas will also have some more upscale shopping spots.