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Beaches of Ecuador

Ecuador is home to many beautiful beaches. Here is a list of some of the most popular choices:


Home to six excellent surf points, this beach is ideal for those that want to ride the waves. This resort is very close to Guayaquil and is a clean beach spot with beautiful landscapes and lots of fun.


Surrounding by miles of salt flats, Salinas is a high end resort area with many hotels, exclusive high end clubs, and great beaches. All year round, this beach will likely be packed with people though the off season is generally somewhat quieter.


Bahía de Caráquez
Complete with parks, a scenic river, and of course some impressive beaches, Bahía is now one of the most popular resort towns. The town has made many efforts to help the environment such as recycling waste and keeping the town ecologically friendly.


From April to October, this beach spot is an all day and all night party zone. The beach is lined with numerous bars and restaurants with delicious seafood available at all of them for an affordable price.