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Cities of Ecuador


Quito is the capital of Ecuador where visitors can enjoy the many historic buildings built during colonial times. Such exciting sights include the Plaza de la Independencia as well as various other plazas, squares, cathedrals, and palaces. Quito is also home to an expanding modern side where visitors can enjoy museums, shopping, and even taking some Spanish classes.


Though widely known for its impressive handicrafts market which could easily fill a day with exploring, Otavalo is also a great starting point for trips to the nearby villages where hiking, cycling, and river rafting are very popular activities. There are also other great art galleries, museums, and various sights to see in town.


This colonial town was founded in 1606 and is home to various historic structures. For example, there are various colonial style parks and cathedrals such as the Santo Domingo and San Augustín. Nearby are various small villages as well as the opportunity to climb the Cubilche Volcano.


Tulcán is a popular stop for various reasons. Shopping is great very popular with its textile and dry goods fairs on Thursday and Sunday. Another very popular attraction are the relaxing hot springs caused by the nearby Chiles Volcano. One spot is the Aguas Hediondas, where, in addition to enjoying the springs, visitors can see a stream of boiling mineral waters flowing through the valley.


This small town is located near the crater of the Tungurahua Volcano, which was inactive for nearly 80 years when the town was evacuated in 1999 for fear of a massive eruption. However, when the eruption did not occur, inhabitants forced their way back into the town as well as tourists who are enjoying the natural hot springs and incredible scenery.


Beneath the Chimborazo Volcano lies the city of Riobamba. It was first a colonial city and is still home to various parks, cathedrals, and other historic buildings. The city is also an important market center when on Saturdays the streets fill with vendors selling handicrafts, produce, indigenous textiles and clothing, and more. These markets actually take place all over town and are an enormous event.


This fascinating colonial city was founded in 1557 and much of its historic architecture has been preserved. Originally created from marble quarried nearby, the city's structures have been renovated and the city itself declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cuenco is also home to various museums, restaurants, and shopping spots.


This historic city was built in its current spot in 1548 and has many colonial buildings. The city is well known for its musical academy and the various musical performances always occurring throughout town. Also enjoy many souvenir and craft shops.


Located in the southern region of the country, Guayaquil is the largest city in Ecuador. It is also the location of the country's main seaport. The city also has an impressive historic district with numerous parks, plazas, palaces, and churches. There are also various museums and shopping centers as well as some of the country's most delicious restaurants.