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Ecuadorian Festivals and Events

January 1: Año Nuevo (New Year's Day)

January 6: Día de los Inocentes - In Quito this is a day of pranks and is meant to close the holiday season.

February 12: Amazon and Galapagos Day

February 27: Día del Civismo - This day is celebrated in Quito and recognizes the anniversary of the defeat of Perú at Tarqui in 1829.
March/April: Carnaval - this is the celebration that begins before Easter and is celebrated all over Latin America. In Quito water is thrown at passers by, so be prepared. The Good Friday processions are very impressive in the nation's capital.

April 10-13: Foundation of Cuenca

April 21: City of Riobamba's Independence Festival - This celebrations last for several days and includes various celebrations to mark the city's independence from Spain.

May 24: Independence Day - in Quito there are various military and school parades celebrating the victory at the Battle of Pichincha in 1822.

June: Inti Raymi Celebrations in Otavalo - The third week of the month is a celebration of the summer solstice with the Fiesta de San Juan and the Fiesta de San Pedro y San Pablo. Together this celebration is called Los San Juanes. Includes music, dance, and interesting indigenous rituals.

June: Septenario in Cuenco - This religious festival lasts a week with fireworks and excitement.

August 10: Independence Day

August: Mes de los Artes - In Quito, this celebration includes various dances and music throughout the city.

September 3-14: Fiesta del Yamor - In Otavalo this is as festival of great food, gambling, music, and bullfights.

October: Halloween - Celebrated the last Saturday of the month, Quito is home to various parades with those participating dressed in elaborate costumes.

November 2: All Soul's Day

November 3: Independence of Cuenca - This festival includes street theater, art exhibitions, and dancing throughout the city.

November 11: Foundation of Riobamba Festival

December: Día de Quito - This is Quito's most impressive festival taking place during the week ending December 6. There are various parades, bullfights, performances, dancing, and music in the streets.

December 24: Christmas Eve Day - Cuenco is the site of an impressive parade known as the Pase del Niño Viajero which involved many people and last some 5 hours.

December 25: Christmas Day

December 31: New Year's Eve - Also, Quito is home to the Años Viejos festival, which is a satire of puppets portraying different politicians and other public figures. A will is read at midnight and the puppets are then burned.