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Ecuadorian Food and Cuisine

Ecuador offers its visitors a great variety of delicious cuisine and it generally comes at a very affordable price. Eating at the tiny corner café will only cost a few dollars. A typical plate of food in Ecuador will usually include rice, potatoes or yucca, meat, and a popular red pepper hot sauce known as Aji which may be anywhere from mild to super spicey.


Soups are the Ecuadorian prized food often served with every meal. The savory dish may include grains, vegetables, and any number of meats. One famous soup is the Locro made with cheese, avocado, and potato, a delicious treat. Other soups include coastal flavors like fresh fish and vegetables, while others may have a tasty potato base.


Other popular everyday dishes include different types of stewed meats, homemade corn tortillas, and other delicious corn-based treats. Be sure to enjoy the delicious fresh seafood found both on the coast and in the cities at a very affordable price. One popular choice is the lobster, though ceviche wins the popularity prize. This is a delicious seafood cocktail which can be prepared with just fish, or with shrimp and other seafood as well. It is flavored with lime and is served cold; if you are a fan of spicy food, this is your chance to shine as ceviche is great with some added hot sauce or chile.


Though meat is obviously a very popular item in Ecuador, there are many great places with vegetarian choices in the country's main cities. Also, these big cities are great for enjoying a more cosmopolitan meal as there are many delicious international cuisines to choose from. Such variety includes Asian, European, and Middle Eastern restaurants as well as international cuisine from other Latin American countries.