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Parks and Reserves in Ecuador

Galapagos Islands

Consisting of six main islands and various others, surely some of the most well known in the world, the Galapagos Islands are home to some of the worlds most impressive creatures. Because the islands were never connected to the main continent the animals of Galapagos adapted to the conditions differently from those of the mainland. Visitors can partake on the many tours and cruises around the area and enjoy the elegant accommodations available throughout the islands.


Cotopaxi National Park
Cotopaxi is one of Ecuador's most frequently climbed volcanoes and lies at the heart of this national park. Visitors can enjoy this more advanced climb as well as hiking through the area. The park also provides accommodations though they be far from luxurious.


Cajas National Park
This large recreational is home to over 230 lakes and many excellent hiking trails. Also, this park offers a great opportunity to see the rich flora and fauna. Be sure to pack warm clothes as the altitude is very high at around 4,000 meters.


Machalilla National Park
Home to a lush tropical forest, islands, and rich marine ecosystems, this national park is a great stop for scuba diving, horseback riding, whale watching, bird watching, or just relaxing on the gorgeous Los Frailes Beach.