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Shopping and Souvenirs in Ecuador


Very typical handicrafts and other Ecuadorian articles may be purchased in any of the popular shopping areas especially on Amazonas and Guayaquil Avenues. Handicrafts include carved wood figures and other items made of local woods such as the balsa wood boxes. Also, shoppers will find all kinds of silver, Indian textiles, toys, hand-painted tiles, hand-woven rugs, even colonial antiques. Another popular purchase are Panama Hats and Indian garments which can be purchased in the Plaza de Santo Domingo. Shops in Quito include various bookstores, camera stores, small handicrafts shops scattered throughout town, and even a Saturday morning art sale in El Ejido park.


Otavalo's Saturday market actually consists of three markets in different areas of the city. The artisan market is centered around the Plaza de Poncho, and the livestock section of the market occurs outside of town in the morning at the Viejo Colegio Agricultural. In the Plaza 24 de Mayo and also in the Plaza Copacabana you will find the produce markets with virtually everything you could possibly search for.


Recently, the artisan market as become so popular that shoppers may find vendors there every day of the week from all over South America. The prices are even less during the other days of the week and bargaining is a commonly used money saving tool.


The city's market scene is very popular. On Saturdays, vendors fill the streets and can be seen selling anything from produce, to clothing, to impressively made handicrafts. These markets are take place throughout town and are generally help on Saturday's though there are some markets that have smaller versions during other days of the week. There are also various tourist shops and stores throughout town.


Some impressive souvenirs that can be found here include wood carvings, leather, basketwork, paintings, ceramics, embroideries, and more. There are various shops, galleries, exhibitions, and large stores throughout the city of Cuenco.


Guayaquil is the largest city and therefore has many shopping options. For example the Mall del Sol is the largest shopping mall in Ecuador and the city is home to many others. Guayaquil is also home to many handicraft stores and shops as well as art galleries, jewelry stores, bookstores, photo markets, and much more. This is also a great place to find the famous Panama Hats.