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Galapagos Odyssey
(5 Days / 4 Nights)

Odyssey has been specially designed for cruising Galapagos; with efficient daily operations and causing minimum impact on the Archipelago's fragile ecosystem.With its sophisticated but yet cozy minimalistic  design, the Odyssey resembles a first class hotel cruising the enchanted Galapagos Islands, being an excellent choice to navigate & explore in comfort.

Day 01 Arrival at Baltra - Santa Cruz

This morning you will fly from Quito or Guayaquil to Baltra Airport.
After welcome, check-in, lunch, briefing and the safety-drill we head for our first visitor’s site, Dragon Hill situated in Santa Cruz. It is located just about 25 km / 15 mi West from the airport of Baltra. The ‘dragons’ that live on this hill are iconic inhabitants of the National Park, wherefore this guided walk will be an excellent start of your cruise. Before dinner your guide will give the first daily briefing for tomorrow, and he/she will explain the yacht’s and National Park rules. Then the captain and his crew will present and toast with a welcome cocktail to celebrate your first evening on board.
Because we stay in the heart of the archipelago, we will lift the anchor in the dead of the night and sail just about 3 hours northwest to the islet of Rabida.



Day 02 Rabida - Chinese Hat

On a clear morning it could be well-worth to get-up early to enjoy an unforgettable sunrise on the flaming red cliffs and beach.
After breakfast you will make a wet landing (barefoot) to make 2 short guided nature hikes from the remarkable red beach and along the breeding colony of brown pelicans in Rabida. On return you will be picked-up by the inflatable dinghies, which will bring you back on board for a snack and to prepare yourself for first-time snorkeling or a dinghy-ride.
Before lunch we lift the anchor and continue about 2 hours to another islet just out off the coast of Santiago Chinese Hat.
Perhaps you can spot some Galapagos penguins, which even can show-up during today’s second snorkeling excursion. During the late-afternoon walk you will learn a lot about the geology on this typical volcano-islet.
After dinner we leave for the longest, about 7 hours passage to the northern island of Genovesa, and meanwhile will cross the equator.



Day 03 Genovesa Island

As one of the outer islands, Genovesa is well worth the longer trip; it belongs to the more exclusive places that add a lot of value to longer cruises. This bird’s and birder’s paradise is the only northern Galapagos Island that is open to tourism, and surprisingly not frequented too much and quite exclusive. Anchoring is an experience you are not likely to forget. The horseshoe shaped wall shows unmistakably that you are entering the partly collapsed and submerged caldera of a young volcano!

Today we have a full program. All impressions you gather will be nearly too much for a single day! After early breakfast you will make a wet landing at the isolated and peaceful beach of Darwin Bay for a guided nature walk. Afterwards you can enjoy a snack aboard and a refreshing snorkeling excursion again. You can also ask your guide for the alternative option of a sea kayak-tour.
Around lunch-time we will sail to the entrance of the caldera where our second visitor’s site is located: Prince Philip’s Steps.
There we have programmed another inflatable dinghy-ride and another spectacular guided nature walk.

Heading back to Santiago this night, we have to navigate about 6 hours again, and lift the anchor after dinner.

Day 04 Bartolome Island - Sullivan Bay

The wild romantic islet of Bartolome is located just south of the equator, and close to the eastern coast of Santiago. This is the north-western corner of the archipelago, where volcanoes are still active. So today is largely dedicated to volcanism and spectacular geologic ‘moonscapes’, but you will also have the opportunities to observe Galapagos penguins again, and of snorkeling in a warm, shallow bath full of colorful reef fish. Bartolome and Sullivan Bay are incomparable to any other visitor’s site. The programmed excursions are extremely rich in contrast and promise to become an unforgettable experience.


In the early morning, we will undertake a charming inflatable dinghy-ride along the barren shoreline of this volcanic islet. After breakfast, when it is not yet too hot, you will follow the steep stairs of the Summit Trail to the top, rewarded by spectacular and panoramic views, hopefully illuminated by the golden, early morning sun. Next it’s time for a refreshing swim, snorkeling at the foot of Pinnacle Rock, or just walking around or relaxing on the beach.
After 15 minutes of navigation you can enjoy our delicious lunch buffet again. Bartolome is right in front of another fascinating place: Sullivan Bay. You will land on the black lava flow for an impressive moonwalk, whilst you will learn more on the distinct forms of volcanism. A hot afternoon will be concluded again with another opportunity to explore underwater life.
Before dinner you can enjoy a farewell cocktail with the crew and your fellow passengers. By that time we are already on our way to Puerto Ayora (Santa Cruz), which we will reach before midnight. While floating in the harbor you can enjoy a quiet sleep during your last night on board.


Additional options scuba-diving: Bartolome or Cousin Rocks (both advanced)

Day 05 Santa Cruz - Departure

After early breakfast it’s time to leave the yacht and say goodbye.
Our inflatable dinghy brings you to the harbor of Puerto Ayora, from where we will travel by road to the highlands in Santa Cruz for our last excursion. In the agricultural zone you can see Galapagos giant tortoises in the wild. Then we will accompany you and your luggage to the airport, where you can check-in and return to Guayaquil or Quito.

We expect that you will return home with stunning pictures and unforgettable memories for life!

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