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Travel Packages and Tours to Tikal & Antigua : Uncover the Colors of History

If you are thinking to travel to Central America, Guatemala is a vital stop. Its history, portrayed by the Mayan ruins, traditions and culture is still alive in its colorful people. This beautiful country deserves to be discovered at a serene pace, absorbing all the energy that is rendered by its volcanoes, temples, towns and national parks.


When it comes to archaeology and vibrant culture, there is no place like Guatemala.


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There are several locations you can't afford to miss when you travel to Guatemala...


Vacations in Tikal Guatemala, located in the Tepen region, it is the main archeological tourist destination in Central America and the most representative of the Maya culture in Guatemala. The ancient city features six temples, the main one being "The Great Jaguar", which stands 190 feet (55 m) tall. The tallest structure in Tikal is the "Temple of the Two-Headed Serpent" (also called Temple IV). Tikal´s residential area covered an area of 23 square miles (60 km2), but most of it has not been unearthed yet. 


An added value to Tikal is its wildlife; this national park is ideal for hiking, bird watching and of course photography.


Visit the small island of Flores, the gateway to Tikal Guatemala. This town is located about an hour away from the majestic ruins, and also has a charm of its own, so it's well worth the visit. The island is located in Lake Peten Itza, and it's joined artificially to the mainland.


Also in the Tepen area, Ceibal is another archeological site of importance. This place is best known for its stelae, beautifully carved ceremonial stone pillars, and its circular observatory, the oldest among the Mayan culture. This was a strategic settlement in the old days due to its location in the banks of "La Pasion" River.


Travel to Huehuetenango Guatemala, a very culturally rich and diverse region, as many of its inhabitants are direct descendants of the Mayas in Guatemala. They still preserve many of the old traditions, such as music, dance, textiles and craftworks. Also, many Mayan languages are still spoken here.


Do not miss and travel to Chichicastenango's market, in Quiche region. This has been a core of trading activities since Mayan times. Of great interest is also the 400 year old church of "Santo Tomas", still used by Mayan priests for various rituals. This small town in Guatemala is filled with traditions, and for sure will be one of the most colorful parts of your trip!


Travel to the colonial city of Antigua Guatemala , one of the most attractive destinations in the country. Located close to Guatemala City, it lies within three volcanoes, Agua, Fuego and Acatenango. These give the city a particular scenic beauty. Antigua used to be colonial Central America's capital, and its baroque buildings and cobblestone roads are still preserved.


A certainly amazing spot to travel is Lake Atitlan Guatemala, popularly believed to be the world's most beautiful lake. It borders with three majestic volcanoes, and twelve towns named after biblical characters.


Guatemala City, Central America's busiest city is very cosmopolitan, and offers all the facilities and services available in major cities: shopping, gastronomy, tours, nightlife, hotels, culture, etc.

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