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Mexican Festivals and Events

January 1: Año Nuevo (New Year's Day)

January 2-6: Fair of the Three Kings - This Tizimin religious festival includes a cattle fair and lively song and dance.

January 15-23: Fiesta of San Sebastian the Martyr - This celebration in Chiapas includes lavish costumes and a naval reenactment in the local river.

February 1-3: Blessing of the Sea Festival - This festival takes place in San Blas and includes regional costumes and dance as well as horse racing events.

March 6: Day of Our Lord of Xalpa - This event is located in Taxpa and includes various local Indian dances and celebrations.

March 18 to April 4: Ceramics Fair in Tonalá - This fair includes various local arts and handicrafts.

March 21: Celebration in Guelatao to commemorate Benito Juarez

March/April: Palm Sunday - In Urauapan there is a huge celebration with crafts displays and markets.

April 1 to 7: Flower Fair - This is located in Cuernavaca and has various exhibits and floriculture competitions. There are exciting sound and light shows with many of the area's popular entertainers in attendance.

April 16 to May 6: San Marcos National Fair - This is a major handicrafts fair in Aguascalientes with live theatrical events and sporting events.

May 3 to 15: Fiesta of Saint Isador - In Tepic, this festival is the traditional blessing of the seeds, animals, and water to bring a good harvest.

May 29: Ensenada International Festival - This festival in Ensenada is the celebration of its founding in 1882.

October to November: Fiesta del Sol - This festival in Mexicali celebrates the city's founding in 1903. There are various concerts, art exhibits, theatrical performances, and of course parades.

June 1: Mexican Navy Day - A celebration in Guaymas features naval reenactments and fireworks.

June 15 to July 2: National Ceramics Fair - Memascalcingo festival including cultural events, competitions, exhibitions, and demonstrations.

June 18: Corpus Cristi and Vanilla Festival - Celebrated in Papantla, there is an act by the famous flying pole dancers.

July 15: Lady of Mount Carmel - This religious festival is celebrated in Catemaco with very lavish authentic costumes.

Late July: Guelaguetza - In Oaxaca, this is a famous festival with dancers expressing the area's rich culture from all over the state.

July 25: Day of Saint James, the Apostle - Celebrated in Santiago Tuxtla this is a demonstration of various Indian dances and songs.

August 2: Cuauhtémoc Day - In Mexico City, this is a celebrationg commemorating the last Aztec Emperor with song and dance.

August 5 to 20: Assumption Day - A celebration in Huamantia is characterized by flowers and sawdust filling the streets with elaborate processions, dancing, and markets. There is also a running of the bulls.

September 1 to 16: The National Fair - Taking place in Zacatecas, this festival has art exhibitions, bullfights, handicraft markets, and sporting events.

September 4 to 5: International Mariachi and Charro - This is a well known mariachi competition taking place in Guadalajara. 

September 8: Día de Nuestra Señora - This local festival in Loreto celebrates Baja's first mission.

September 10 - 17: Independence Day Festivals - Various festivals and events take place throughout the country.

September 21 to 29: Celebration of San Miguel Arcangel - The patron saint of the island of Cozumel includes a procession to the downtown pier.

October 4 to 22: Festival Internacional Cervantino - In Guanajuato, this tribute to Miguel de Cervantes includes theatrical events, music, and dance.

October 23: Fiesta del Tequila - Taking place in Ensenada, this event is dedicated to the culture and famous drink of Mexico.

December 10 to 12: Fiesta of the Virgin of Guadalupe - In Chiapas, this event includes lively processions with music and horses.

December 25: Christmas Day

December 31: New Year's Eve