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Shopping and Souvenirs in Mexico

Mexico City offers shoppers a wide range of department stores and modern malls filled with designer clothing, shoe stores, jewelry stores, cosmeticians, and even music stores. Shoppers will surely not run out of stores to visit. Plaza Loreto, Pabellón Altavista, and Perisur are among the more interesting shopping spots. If you are looking for a famous handicrafts store, the well known Fonart offers wares from around the country including lacquered boxes, blankets, pottery, glassware, and much more. Galleries and markets are also scattered throughout Mexico City where shoppers will find a wide range of handicrafts, local artwork, and even a multitude of fresh foods.


In case you don't plan on making it to the nation's capital during your trip to Mexico, there is still a massive amount of shops throughout the rest of the country. Puerto Vallarta is another excellent shopping spot with popular items such as clothing, cigars, inexpensive alcohol, and a very unique Huichol Indian market. The Huichol Indians are one of the few remaining tribes that still continues its ancient traditions, most notably its impressive artwork. Be sure to experience this market during your trip to Puerto Vallarta.


For the silver lovers out there, Taxco is a mandatory stop. Though there are no large malls or shopping center, Taxco has various small shops dedicated to the sale of their precious silver.


Other popular shopping spots for tourists visiting Mexico are places like Cabo San Lucas, Cozumel, and Acapulco. These towns offer the same expected souvenir shops as well as markets offering handicrafts and artwork. Of course in these popular resort towns you can find designer boutiques and other popular, upscale shopping areas.


Oaxaca is known for its gold items other jewelry as well as pottery and ceramics. Here you will also find hand woven wool blankets, brightly colored textiles, and elaborate charro hats.


Be sure also to visit Guadalajara's massive Mercado Libertad, one of the largest markets in the country selling everything from handicrafts to fresh food.