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Nicaraguan Food and Cuisine

Nicaragua is home to a delicious selection of local dishes and even a diverse selection of international cuisines as well. Here are a few delicious dishes you will want to enjoy in Nicaragua:


Gallopinto - This is a fried dish of rice and beans that makes a great breakfast with eggs. In home cooking, it is often times made of the left over rice and beans from the night before. Obviously, this is not the case when out to eat in restaurants.


Sopa de Albondiga - This is a popular meatball soup made with corn and other vegetables. Corn is an important ingredient in many Nicaraguan dishes.


Nacatamal - This famous is dish is made up of a corn based dough filled with chicken or pork as well as various vegetables. It is then wrapped in a banana leaf and boilded to cook


Vigorón - This dish is prepared by first placing a banana leaf down on a plate and covering it with pork, salad, and yucca, which is much like a potato.


Indio Viejo - This elaborate dish is made up of meat prepared with garlic, onion, peppers, and tomato and is then fried up with tortilla dough and broth.

Quesillo - This dish is made up of a tortilla with cheese, with onions, vinegar, and cream on top.


Rondon - this Caribbean dish is made with turtle meat, fish, beef or pork or a combination of some or all of them. This meat is then cooked with different spices, sweet peppers, onions, and yucca.


Rice and Beans - As in the Caribbean regions of various Central American countries, this dish no different from the traditional gallo pinto except for the way it is cooked. Coconut oil is added to the frying pan to give the dish a unique Caribbean twist.