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Parks and Reserves in Nicaragua

Masaya Volcano National Park

This area consists of various impressive volcanoes with the Masaya being the most active in the region. Visitors can enjoy the many tours, trails, and treks around this areas that was originally the first national park in Nicaragua.


Apoyo Lagoon
This lagoon is the largest in Nicaragua and is home to various plants and animals. Its waters are very crystal clear which makes it a great place for visitors to take a dip or partake in various water sports.


Ometepe Island
This island is located in the middle of the huge Lake Nicaragua and is even home to two volcanoes. Visitors enjoy this island for its beautiful surrounding wilderness and natural reserves, as well is its relaxing beaches. Ometepe island is quite large and even has its own small cities and towns full of rich culture.


Mombacho Volcano National Park
The now dormant Mombacho Volcano is a beautiful sight to see, today covered with lush vegetation and home to many different species of fauna. Such fauna includes nearly 200 different birds and 50 different mammals. Therefore, this park is a great destination for nature lovers and those that would enjoy trekking through the wilderness.