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Shopping and Souvenirs in Nicaragua


Masaya is an impressive shopping destination in Nicaragua. Full of various artisan markets and small shops, this town has a lot to offer visitors. For example, there are various guitar shops that specialize in beautiful handmade and custom-made guitars. The best part is that you can find great quality for much less than a guitar would cost back home. Another popular item to pick up in Masaya is a locally made hammock coming in a number of different sizes and also for sale at a bargain price. All of this and other items such as leather, handicrafts, ceramics, and more can be found in the Mercado de Artesanías.


If you are interested in cigars, this is the cigar capital of Nicaragua where for a small price you can buy a box of their locally made. Buyers even have the option to submit a design or picture and have the box custom made with each cigar wrapper sporting the same photo or design.


Another extremely popular craft mart in Nicaragua is located in Managua where you can find such items as clothing, shoes, handicrafts, and souvenirs. Managua is also home to large shopping centers like the Centro Comercial Managua, Metrocenter, Supermercados, and Diplotiendas. Another great market here is the farmer's market where shoppers can buy excellent meats, fish, fruits, and vegetables for a fraction of the grocery store price.