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Mysteries of Easter Island
(5 Days / 4 Nights)

Easter Island-besides being an archeological landmark, the ecological features of the island permit geological and astronomical research to be carried out, giving this place the position of one of the most interesting scientific epicenters in South America! Visit Rapa Nui secrets and mysteris in this fantastic journey!

Day 01 Arrival Easter Island

Mataveri Airport meeting in Rapa Nui Transfer to the selected hotel.Tiare Flower Necklace included as welcome courtesy.

Check -in and accommodation.

Free time to have lunch & leisure.

Day 02 Moai Route

After a Rapa Nui Breakfast at the hotel, you will begin a full day tour, along the Moai route, visiting the Vaihu, a place which is surrounded by enormous statues which have fallen down on their faces, the ruins of Akahanga, which are in their natural condition and where the first king of the island was buried. Further along, we will see the Rano Raraku volcano, situated close to the southern shore of the island, and at the base of Poike, which is the most spectacular crater in the zone and where the islanders carved the giant statues from the volcano's quarry. Here we can see the different stages in the construction of the Moai, the biggest of which still remains at the base of the quarry and which is more than 20m long and weighs just under 200 tons. We carry on towards the beautiful beach of Anakena, where we will see the Ahu Tongariki, which was the biggest of the 15 Moai statues of the island. They weighed an average of 50 tons and were destroyed by a tidal wave in 1960. Box Lunch and free time to enjoy the warm sea waters surrounding the island

Day 03 Orongo-Rano Kao Volcano & Folkloric dances (B)

Breakfast at the hotel.

This morning you will enjoy a half-day tour to Orongo, visiting the Rano Kao volcano, whose deep crater full of lush vegetation contains a large fresh-water lake covered with totora. From there, we will continue to the Orongo Cultural Center, located at the top of the crater at over 300m above sea level and where year after year the Bird Man or Tangata Manu ceremony takes place. We will be able to see more than 100 petroglyphs which represent the Make-Make God and the Manutara seabird amongst others. Next, we will proceed to Ana Kai Tangata. Then we will visit Ahu Vinapu, where the interesting architectural style reminds you of the Inca's handiwork. This is due to the perfection of the cuts and location of the stones. You are driving back to the Hotel for lunching (not included), afterwards your tour continues visiting Ahu Akivi the big platform, which is composed of 7 Moai statues, all of them facing the sea; the Ana Tepahu caverns; the quarry of Puna Pau, where the top part of the Moai were sculpted, and Ahu Tahai. We invite you to a farewell dinner, where you will taste traditional UMU dinner (Rapa Nui-style dinner) while you enjoy a folkloric Show with live music. (Transfers back and forth in SIB without guide)

Day 04 Adventure Day to the caves

Adventure Day to the caves (Ana Kakenga, Te Pahu, Ahu Tepeteu, Te Pora, Ovahe) (Half day) + snack. After breakfast you will visit the Ovahe beach, characterized for its pink sands and its clear water. Morning is the perfect time to spend snorkeling and discovering the secret wonders of the ocean. Afterwards you will visit Ana Kakenga, well know as the Cave of two Windows. There are lots of lava tube caves, on Easter Island, both above and below sea level. Some of them were used for rituals, growing food, hiding from warriors or slavers, among others. Ana Kakenga is a cave with two windows, through a small tunnel; you reach a small room, situated on top of cliffs. The two holes or windows offer a spectacular view on the ocean and the small island of Motu Tautara. Remarks. Private service with bilingual guide

Day 05 Easter Island Departure

Transfer back to Mataveri Airport Flower Necklace as courtesy.

End of the services.

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