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Guatemala Relieve its Mysteries
(15 Days / 14 Nights)

Guatemala is a mystery to be revealed…a secret to be uncovered. Come and discover for yourself the natural and cultural wonders this country has to offer: volcanoes, lakes, markets, ancient ruins, cities and towns. Surely you’ll be captivated!

Day 01 Arrival in Guatemala

Upon arrival to Guatemala City you'll be transferred to your hotel. Lodging at the Barcelo Hotel in Guatemala City

Day 02 Guatemala / Chichicastenango

In the morning transfer to La Democracia and Las Ilusiones Museum on the South Coast of Guatemala to visit both sites. In the afternoon transfer to Chichicastenango for overnight accommodations at Hotel Mayan Inn

Day 03 Chichicastenango / Quetzaltenango

Today is market day in Chichicastenango! Visit the most colorful and picturesque Indian open-air market in the country. Hundreds of Indians from the surrounding countryside gather to barter their goods and products. Also, witness the captivating religious ceremonies held on the steps and inside the 400-year old Church of Santo Tomas (No shorts or bathing suits are allowed inside the Church, PLEASE NO PHOTOGRAPHS INSIDE THE CHURCH). Continue, to Quetzaltenango.

Overnight accommodations at Pension Bonifaz Hotel

Day 04 Quetzaltenango / Lake Atitlan

This morning you will visit Almolonga market known for its vegetables and fruits cultivated on small parcels and from which products are exported to Central America and Mexico. Continue your visit to San Andres Xecul which has an important XVI century temple, with a fabulous bright-yellow facade, the color which is representative of the local huipil (or indigenous blouse). There are saints and angels sitting next to corncobs and quetzal birds on the facade. Then you will visit San Francisco El Alto, with its typical market where people gather in front of City Hall to sell their products and handicrafts. In the afternoon, transfer to Lake Atitlan, one of the most beautiful in the world, with its crystalline-azure waters in the crater bowl below. Atitlan is the ideal place to come in contact with Guatemalan folklore. Twelve Indian villages surround the Lake, and their inhabitants are descendants from the great Quiche, Cackchiquel, and Tzutuhil nations.

Overnight accommodations at Porta Hotel del Lago.

Day 05 Atitlan / Antigua

This morning you will board the motor launch to cross Lake Atitlan to the picturesque Indian village of Santiago Atitlan, one of the twelve lake-shore villages surrounding the Lake. Enjoy this bustling Indian community, where weavers work the colorful textiles. Continue, to Antigua Guatemala, the most important and enchanting city of colonial Guatemala. Founded by the Spaniards in 1543, nowadays Antigua is a beautiful blend of ruins, restored colonial buildings, and new buildings in colonial style. It was declared Monument of America in 1965.

Overnight accommodations at Casa Santo Domingo Hotel.

Day 06 Antigua / Guatemala

Visit the Central Plaza that is surrounded by the antique Cathedral, the Municipal Government Building, and the Palace of the Captains General; colonial churches and monasteries, primitive foot-looms where colorful textiles are woven, and a jade factory where this stone is worked into beautiful jewelry. In the afternoon, return to Guatemala City.

Overnight accommodations at Barcelo Guatemala City Hotel.

Day 07 Guatemala City / Coban

This morning you will drive through the states of El Progreso, Baja Verapaz and Alta Verapaz to arrive at the Biotopo del Quetzal, which was created for the protection of the Quetzal, which is our national bird and is in danger of extinction. Given its location and wooded area, the place presents varied fauna and flora in which you can find from hummingbirds to Orioles. Then you will continue to visit Orquigonia it is a private nature reserve where are dedicated to the conservation of orchids.

In the afternoon proceed to Coban for overnight accommodations - La Posada.

Day 08: Semuc Champey / Coban

This morning you will visit Semuc Champey for a visit of this natural monument, which consist of a natural 300 m limestone bridge, under which passes the Cahabon River. Atop the bridge are seven stepped turquoise pools. You will also visit Grutas de Lankin, which is a large limestone cave system.

In the afternoon proceed to Coban for overnight accommodations- La Posada

Day 09 Coban/Copan Honduras

This morning you will drive to the border with Honduras. After immigration formalities, you will drive to Copan, one of the most fascinating Mayan ruin sites. You will be allowed to explore and marvel at the beautiful stellae and majestic temples, including a complete ball court.

Accommodations at Copan Hotel Marina Copan.

Day 10 Quirigua/ Rio Dulce

After breakfast you will return to Guatemalan territory to visit the archaeological site of Quirigua.

In the afternoon proceed to Rio Dulce for overnight accommodations at Hotel Catamaran.

Day 11 Livingston / Tikal

In the morning join the launch excursion to Livingston and the Castillo de San Felipe.

After lunch, transfer by land to Flores or Tikal for overnight accommodations at Camino Real Tikal.

Day 12 Ceibal Archaeological site

Transfer to Ceibal for sightseeing of the archaeological site.

After lunch transfer back to Tikal for overnight accommodations at Camino Real Tikal.

Day 13 Yaxha Archaeological site

At 08:30 a.m. you will be picked up at your Hotel for transfer to the archaeological site of Yaxha. The city is contemporary to Tikal, and is located on the northeastern side of the Lake Yaxha. Over 1,400 monuments have been mapped and an excavation program has been taken place in the last 10 years, exposing some of its magnificent architecture. Also, visit ball courts, residential and religious areas like the Maler Group, North Acropolis recently restored, and finally Temple 216, over 90 feet high. Continue your visit to Topoxte located in seasonal islands, on the western side of Lake Yaxha. Its buildings are similar to those of Tulum in Yucatan, and it was inhabited during 900 - 1,200 AD., known as post classic.

Overnight accommodations at Camino Real Tikal Hotel.

Day 14 Tikal Natl Park / Guatemala City

Today you will go back more than 2,000 years in time when you visit the Tikal National Park. At 08:30 a.m., you will be picked up at your hotel for transfer to the Mayan City of Tikal which is located in the center of the National Park that bears its name, and has an extension of 222 square miles. Tikal was inhabited from 600 BC., till 869 AD. Its highlight was between 690 till 850 AD., a time period known by archaeologists as the Late Classic. Visit the Twin-Pyramid Complexes , Lost World Complex where the Great Pyramid and Temple 5C-49 are the most important. Also, visit Temple III and the Palace of the Windows, the Great Plaza, squared off with the pyramids of the Grand Jaguar and the Masks, the Palace of the Nobles, and Pyramid IV. This one is the highest of the Mayan pyramids, from its top a complete view of Tikal and its surrounding jungle can be enjoyed. In the afternoon transfer to Santa Elena's Airport to board the flight to Guatemala City. (Due to the worldwide increase in the cost of fuel, an additional charge of US$30.00 per person will have to be paid at the airline counter upon check-in and US$3.00 for Local Airport Tax).

On arrival, our representative will transfer you to Barcelo Hotel for overnight accommodations

Day 15 Departure

You will be transferred to the airport three hours prior your flight's departure time.

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