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Beaches of Panama


This is the fifth largest of the Pearl Islands and is an excellent beach spot. The area features fine hotels, delicious restaurants, golf, and all of the usual beach entertainment. There island is home to more than a dozen beaches, and an excursion to any of the other 200 surrounding islands is another great option if looking for some real peace and quiet.


Taboga Island
Located roughly an hour by boat from Panama City, Taboga Island offers fine accommodations including great hotels and restaurants. Visitors will enjoy the sunbathing, windsurfing, snorkeling, diving, or can even join an excursion to the protected region that houses an important pelican nesting spot.


Coronado and the Pacific Mainland
This region does not only include the ever popular Coronado Beach but many others including El Palmar, Nueva Gorgona, Punta Chame, Farallon, San Carlos and various other exceptional beach stops. Though some are less developed than others, many of the beaches in this area are home to luxurious hotels, fresh, tasty cuisine, and countless beach activities.


Bocas del Toro and San Blas
These breathtaking island groupings will surely leave you wishing you could stay in Panama forever. These regions offer visitors miles of uninhabited beaches to explore and relax on. The region is also popular for its impressive coral formations which offer visitors hours of stunning snorkeling.