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Panamanian Food and Cuisine

Panama is home to a rich traditional cuisine made up of the many native fruits and vegetables in the area. Combined with the influence of the indigenous populations as well as the Europeans, the Panamanian cuisine is rich with flavor. Here is a list of some of the main dishes:


Breakfast Dishes
• Hojaldras: This dish is essentially deep fried dough covered with sugar.
• Tortillas: Panamanian tortillas are generally different as they are thicker and deep fried. Placed on top is anything that would make a good meal, such as beans, cheese, or eggs.


Main Dishes
• Corvina: This tasty fish, also known as sea bass, is a common ingredient in many dishes such as ceviche.
• Sanconcho: this is a very typical Panamanian chicken soup with various ingredients.
• Seafood: Offered in most restaurants in the country, the Panamanian seafood is a delicious and always fresh choice due to the placement of Panama along two close by oceans.
• Tamales: Much different from Mexican tamales, these are wrapped in a banana leaf and boiled resulting in a much different flavor.


Other Dishes
• Platano Maduro: A side dish to many Central American meals, the plantain is often friend and has a light sweet taste.
• Carimañola: Typically stuffed full of eggs and meat, the main ingredient of this dish is Yucca, very similar to the common potato.
• Ceviche: Made up of chopped fish with lemon juice, this is much like a seafood cocktail.
• Arroz con Guandu: This dish is one of the most common in Panama and is made up of rice mixed with beans and other ingredients.
• Tropical Fruits: Thanks to its great location, Panama is home to many exotic fruits not common to North America as well as the common fruits you are used to back home.
• Batidos: Made from the exotic, native fruits, these are essentially a cool shake drink.