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Parks and Reserves in Panama

Baru Volcano

Located near the city of Boquete, this dormant volcano is the highest peak in Panama. The peak is surrounded by an area of fertile highlands and is a popular destination for hikers and nature lovers. If you stand atop the mountain on a clear day, you will see both of Panama's bordering oceans.


This is the largest town in the Chiriqui Highlands of Panama and is dominated by the surrounding Baru Volcano, whose peak can only be seen when the misty cloud cover clears. Boquete is a popular destination for locals and foreign tourists alike for its many scenic coffee plantations, flower gardens, and citrus groves. However, the most popular quality is the natural beauty present throughout the area with its lush forest and perfect placement along the Caldera River. The region was only inhabited in the late 1800s making it a generally young town compared to those others in the region.


Cerro Punta
Set in the densely forested highlands of Panama, this town has become an important agricultural center producing much of the country's vegetable crop. Like Boquete, this village is very young and characterized by misty cloud forests making it a hiker's and wilderness lover's paradise. This is also a great spot for travelers to catch a glimpse of the country's national bird, the quetzal.


San Blas Islands
This archipelago of hundreds of islands is occupied by the local indigenous population and is famous for its snorkeling thanks to the lush coral and many different species of fish. Also, tourists have the opportunity to explore the villages and take tours of the mainland jungle. Accommodations are popping up all over the area but can still be somewhat scarce depending on how busy the area is.


Pearl Islands
Roughly 30 miles off the Pacific coast of Panama, the Pearl Islands were once a hideout where pirates planned their attacks against the rich Spanish fleet. Now they are a tourist getaway famous for snorkeling and relaxing. Resorts exist on some of the islands, and tourists may arrive via a two hour ferry ride or a quick flight from Panama City.


Bocas del Toro
Located on the Caribbean side of Panama, this archipelago is a popular ecotourism destination and is still gaining popularity with tourists around the world. This is a diverse community with a large amount of the population speaking English. Surrounded by the Cordillera Hills, this spot is known for its crystal clear blue waters and white sand beaches. Also, the islands are well known for their beautiful tropical forests running right up to the water. Visitors can partake in snorkeling, boating, sport fishing, surfing, and much more.


Taboga Islands
This historic spot was originally populated by the Spanish in 1515 until pirates began using the spot to attack the armada's fleet. This is a popular weekend destination for the Panamanian locals looking to get away from the city for the change of pace. These islands are a great place to find blooming tropical flowers, relaxing beaches, exciting water sports, and much more. This is also a great place to watch the wildlife as it is home to one of the largest colonies of brown pelicans and also a great spot to watch migrating whales from August to October.


Isla Grande
Just a boat ride away from the historic town of Portobelo is Isla Grande, another popular weekend getaway for locals and tourists alike. This island is popular for its exciting party scene and its laid back Caribbean feel. Here you can enjoy all of the Caribbean pleasures such as sailing, snorkeling, or just relaxing on the beach. The cuisine is commonly made from the fresh seafood and exotic fruit flavors characteristic of any Caribbean destination.


Coiba Island National Marine Park
Home to an immense coral reef, this Pacific island was once the location of a prison and was commonly avoided by travelers. However, because of the prison the island was very mildly developed making this a perfect spot to have been transformed into a lush nature reserve. The spot's protection has made it a popular destination for many bird species and therefore many birdwatchers and biologists. This is a great destination for those seeking ecotourism where nature tours and immaculate diving are readily available.