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Beaches Of Peru

Punta Hermosa

The famous Punta Hermosa beach is well known for its great surfing and stunning coral reefs. The beach itself is a great spot to relax with delicious restaurants, shops, and hotels along the beach. The surfing attracts adventure seekers from all over as the size of the waves varies from relatively small to huge which is great for surfers of all types.


Punta Sal
Located near the small fishing village of Mancora is the beautiful Punta Sal which comes complete with sandy beaches, safe swimming, and superb surfing from November to February. The town itself is full of small handicraft and souvenir shops as well as restaurants, bars, and hotels.


Attracting locals and foreigners alike, Huanchaco is yet another excellent Peruvian surfing beach. Visitors can enjoy the peaceful swimming, fresh seafood, and beachfront artisan market selling a number of Peruvian handicrafts and souvenirs.


El Silencio Beach
This extremely popular Peruvian beach is famous for its perfect white sand, peaceful waves, and crystal clear blue waters. Visitors will not only enjoy sunbathing, but also surfing, sailing, and relaxing during a breathtaking sunset.


One of the most famous holiday beach areas in Peru is Pucusana with its various surrounding dark sand beaches and peaceful swimming. The surroundings are beautiful and various boat excursions are offered so don't miss out!